Start From Scratch Business Training Course

book covers double copyIf you are a thinking of starting a face painting venture, or maybe you are a new business owner or have even been established for a while, then the ‘Start From Scratch’ business training course will provide you with a toolbox of ideas and strategies that are transferable straight into your business.

You’ll have access to a proven system that has evolved over the past 27 years that you can copy (yes copy) and use for your own business. The Start From Scratch Business Course will give you just that – a fast-track system to your success and you’ll see your profits increase immediately as you apply some very easy procedures with a virtual no-cost.

If you need to be taking action in key areas of your business but feel so overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do today, tomorrow and even next month, you may find it difficult to prioritise on what needs to be done first. Should you put your time and effort into advertising, direct mail campaigns, telephoning prospective customers, designing sales literature, email marketing, booking events, website creation, organising an efficient admin system or should your focus be just on providing your face painting service at your events. It can be a minefield to get your head around it and with so much to do you’ll more than likely end up doing nothing, and your business won’t move forward. Just like the old saying – ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’. So true!

Your Start From Scratch business course will help you to better understand your face painting venture and all the administration that goes with it. You need to be on top of invoicing, customer bookings, email audit trails, book keeping and accounts and of course knowing your numbers through spreadsheets. We have a variety of admin elements that we can mix and match exactly to suit your requirements and by putting controls and measures into place – from a well proven system – and by setting achievable action plans will improve your direction and above all your focus.

On your Start From Scratch course we will cover in detail:

Setting-up Your Business

  • Registering for self-employment with the HMRC
  • How to keep thorough records of your income and expenditure
  • Knowing your numbers with regards to profit and loss
  • Your business expectations and what you want from it

Running Your Business

  • Putting dependable administration systems in place
  • Designing forms for enquiries, customer bookings, invoices, terms and conds
  • Liaising with customers on the phone, through email and face to face
  • Setting short-term and long-term goals for your business growth

Getting More Business

  • Where and how to advertise and in what media
  • Your online presence with regards to a website and social media
  • Using effective marketing tools for your self-promotion
  • How to add better value as a service provider

Growing Your Business

  • Identifying your customers wants, needs and desires
  • How to sell to a specific niche and not to everyone
  • Providing complete customer satisfaction
  • Using influential social proof with testimonials


Face Painting is fabulous, Face Painting is fun. It’s highly addictive and you get bitten by the bug and you’ll spend hours and hours practising your skills to absolute perfection. You’ll spend pot-loads of hard-earned cash on an array of amazing products to give your face painting designs that WOW factor. You’ll spend your valuable time sorting and cleaning your kit, and plenty of time on the many Facebook groups that you have access too. Unfortunately non of the above is going to earn you any money, put cash into the bank or push your business onto the next level. It’s only when you invest in yourself and when you invest your time into growing and building the type of business you desire that you will be a step closer to running a more profitable venture.

So put down the paint brushes and stop looking at product sites and really get stuck in to what it will take to START YOUR BUSINESS with all the back-end administration and procedures that you’ll need to have in place. And if you haven’t already got one in place then your business will struggle to move forward.