Website Creation Training Course in Southampton

website-1For a lot of small business owners, one of their biggest challenges is how to market online effectively. You can provide the best service in the world but if you have no website you could compare yourself to a window cleaner without a ladder. Yeah maybe you have a Facebook business page that draws in a few customers, but you don’t own that page, Facebook does, and they can pull it down in the blink of an eye. Your customer will also feel more confident in what you’re providing if they can see it all laid out properly in a well thought out website.

Your approach on how to market effectively online can dramatically increase your business success and your website should be fully functioning in all key areas such as search engine rankings, building relationships with your potential customers and using content that compels them into doing business with you. The website that’ll you’ll produce in one day will be fully responsive meaning that it can be viewed on multiple devices from computer screens, to tablets through to mobile phones.

You don’t need to learn the technical jargon (html gobbledygook) when building your first website but you do need a desire to create one that will reflect the style and image of your business and one that also portrays just who you are and what sets you apart from the competition. Your website’s primary goal is not just a means of attaining new customers, it should also be an information centre to educate visitors about your product or service.

I understand the passion that comes with wanting a great website and I also appreciate the constraints of finances and wasted time just trying to get it right. You could easily spend weeks, even months trying to fathom out how to build an effective website from scratch if you have no prior understanding. Our step-by-step one-day training course cuts out all the trial and error for you and will cover everything you need to know on how to plan your website, work out its navigation structure, build multiple pages and get it published and ‘out there’.


The one day (fast-paced) session will consist of 4 primary objectives:

Element One:
How to Plan and Organise your Website

  • Learn the basics on how to construct your template design
  • Decide on the navigation menu structure and page layout
  • How to choose a complimentary combination of images and information

Element Two:
Setting up a Word Press account

  • Thinking through your options before choosing your domain name
  • Linking your domain name to your word press site
  • Hosting your website through a third-party

Element Three:
The construction of your website and its pages

  • Choosing hexadecimal colours to reflect your branding
  • Adding images and other content using Word Press widgets
  • Enriching your site with enticing info about your products and services

Element Four:
Adding Menus, Page Ranking Tags and Site Analytics

  • Making it easy for your visitors to navigate your website
  • Communicating with the search engines who will trawl your site to index it
  • Reviewing the data and trends captured by your site visitors
  • Identifying with the overall performance of your site and its objectives